If someone dozes during jumu’ah kutbah, what should he do?

All praise is for ALLAAH, The Almighty

Before I jump into the solution for this it is recommended that one who has a habit of dozing off during kutbah to take some slight nap and only light breakfast. So that, It will be easy for him to listen kutbah

Now let’s beautiful advise of prophet (peace on him)

the hadith narrated by Samrah who said:
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If one of you dozes during the Friday sermon, he should exchange his position with the person sitting next to him.

(Al-Baihaqi, 3/238; Sahih Al-Jami‘ No. 812)


 Another hadith has been narrated by Ibn ‘Umar who said:

The Prophet said: If one of you dozes in the mosque on Friday, he should move his position to another place.

(Abu Dawud, No. 1119; Sahih Al-Jami‘ No. 809)

 All praise is to ALLAAH alone

ALLAAH knows best


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